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Jacopo Ridolfi

Shoes Made in Italy

Jacopo Ridolfi Shoes is a new proposal, based on ancient Italian traditions.

Every day we create unique products, all Made in Italy with premium quality materials, handmade and hand-painted with care.

Since 1957. From the workshop of the small shoe factory Ridolfi (near Verona) to a brand new project in 2016. We believe in art and craft, our values. We believe in quality luxury products, distinguished, beautifully designed and affordable.

Our brand looks after the whole production, from leathers selection, through model design and hand paint operations, to the sales of an authentic Italian handmade product. Each shoe is unique and tells many stories: that of Italian fine materials used to create it, the inspiration that leads to the combination of bold colours.

Above all, it tells the taste of those who choose it.

The quality of Italian tradition, with special care for leathers selection, shape and color. All our shoes are handmade and hand painted. There are many reasons to handcraft our products, and many other good reasons to choose handmade products. We can make it together.

We are artisans of the shoes. Our inspirations come from art and nature. It’s not just about the shape: hand-painted colour makes every shoe a distinguished and unique piece, looking back to the great tradition of Italian art.

We make our shoes with absolute care and we like to explore the infinite range of creative possibilities. We pay serious attention to the research and the quality of top level materials, together with care of comfort. Our production started from classic Oxford and Derby models, with a personal touch: unique combinations of materials (leather and suede, gloss and matte finish) and coloursThe most interesting shoe, is the one not yet realized.

We love handmade products and robust materials, such as wood, which inspires some of our models. Why use an ordinary box? We chose to work with other artisans in our area, to propose a different packaging: each pair of shoes is accompanied by a wooden box, which includes a soft brush and a delicate conditioning cream.

Our promise, our commitment to beauty and high quality. We guarantee our clients a product entirely crafted in Italy.

For us, “Made in Italy” is a promise of beauty and quality. Italy is inspiring. We see centuries of history, art and culture all over the land, in each beautiful city and little town. We enjoy unique colours, shapes, flavours and views.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of it? Not just a pair of shoes, but a small piece of Italy.


We make unique products: we offer our catalogue of shapes and colors, but each pair of shoes is truly a unique piece. Imagine your next pair of leather shoes: visit our shop.

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